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About Us

SendItFilms was originally concieved in 2013 as a way for amateur action sports athletes to receive high quality, inexpensive videography services. Since then, we have expanded to tackle a wide variety of projects including concerts, weddings, sorority and fraternity recruitment videos, web-series, and many more. We have worked for 150+ clients delivering over 500 videos for both private and personal use. No matter what the task may be, we attack every new project with a passion that is unrivaled by the competition. It is for these reasons that many clients in the Mid-Atlantic region trust SendItFilms with all of their visual story-telling needs.





Our Work



We are dedicated to providing each client the most streamlined and effortless experience possible. From the moment we are approached with a new idea all the way to its final delivery, we work diligently to ensure that every aspect of a project is as the client desires. We believe that behind every project there is a story, and it is our mission to capture that story in the most awe-inspireing way possible. We seek to create content that is not only original, but can deliver a lasting impression on the audience.


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SendItFilms will assist you from the very start of your project. Our use of story boards and visual concepts will help sculpt your message and guarantee that your target audience is reached. It is through this meticulous planning that we are able to find and extinguish any problems before they occur.


We work closely with every individual involved to ensure each project goes to plan and the client's vision is met. We do not settle for any quality less than that of the very best.


After the production phase of the project is finished, we will work closely with each client to turn the raw footage into precisely what the client envisions. Our professional services include editing, visual effects, sound design, audio production, motion graphics, and final color.

OUr Team

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Photo: Adam Moreno

Kyle Miller

Founder and owner of SendItFilms. Years of experience in pre-production, cinematography, story-telling, post-production, and visual effects. Kyle is always ready to tackle any challenge thrown at him and pursues every new project with a relentless passion. He is attentive to every detail and will not rest until a project exceeds expectations set by a client. A current full-time student at James Madison University majoring in Media Arts and Design with minors in both Business and Sports Communication.

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