UX Design

From conceptualization to execution.

SMAD 203 Project 4

Theme: Polaris

For the theme I wanted to use Polaris. It is a really sleek and modern design with a lot of options for the homepage. I knew that the homepage was something that I wanted to have a lot of content on. The experience of scrolling through the homepage acts as a “sell” when clients are viewing my work.

Design Components

For the design I wanted to streamline everything, keeping it as simple as possible while fully displaying my imagery. For each of the headers I chose tones and photos which related to the content of the page. The homepage I included a video on so that the imagery really pops. The pages are mostly found by scrolling down through the homepage. I found that this provides an interactive experience for the viewer.


As far as widgets go, I used a carosel to showcase screenshots from my work. On my “work” page I used an Instagram widget to pull content directly from my Instagram.

Smad 203 Project 1